The chronological itinerary of the exhibition follows the transformations carried out by Maurice Allemand, highlighting the major exhibitions he organised. More than two hundred works to discover, certain of which have not been displayed for over twenty years!

Maurice Allemand, director of the musée d’Art et d’Industrie of Saint-Étienne from 1947 to 1966, laid the foundations of the exceptional collection of modern art at the MAMC+ after the Second World War. At the time the Museum of Art and Industry was the only museum in Saint-Étienne. Its collection of art is now hosted at the MAMC+, the first museum of modern art created in the regions, in 1987. 

The founding of the premises and its collections is retraced by means of largely unreleased archives.It gives another way of understanding the foundations of the collection and to rediscover, alongside the masterpieces, the works of artists little known today. Maurice Allemand inspires a major cultural adventure in Saint-Étienne. While building up the collections of ancient art arms and textiles he invents the conditions for a courageous and refined diffusion of modern art. He organizes landmark exhibitions, devoted for example to African art, abstract art, collage and assembling. 

Maurice Allemand surrounded himself with the greatest artists, gallery owners and collectors of that time. Their donations and purchases of their works transformed the collection. These major players set down the bases of future developments and gave its originality to the museum. Few other French museums could pretend to have acquired a grand mobile of Calder in 1955, an Abstract composition of Aurélie Nemours in 1959 or a work of Enrico Baj in 1964. 

Maurice Allemand’s genius lay in being able to create a geography of friendships and a horizon of enthusiasm. His tenacity enabled him to obtain important reserves from the State, a way of making up for the chronic inadequacy of credits from the municipal authorities. The constitution of the MAMC+ collection over a period of two decades (1947-1966), is today both the trace and the testimony of this story, composed of determination and passion.


Cécile Bargues
Art historian

Artists presented

Carmelo Arden Quin, Jean Arp, Enrico Baj, André Bloc, Victor Brauner, Marcelle Cahn, Alexandre Calder, Gaston Chaissac, Anne Dangar, Sonia Delaunay, Marino di Teana, Will Faber, André Fougeron, Otto Freundlich, Albert Gleizes, Jean Gorin, Raoul Hausmann, Philippe Hiquily, Robert Julius Jacobsen, Lajos Kassák, František Kupka, Le Corbusier, Zoran Mušic, Aurélie Nemours, Louise Nevelson, Henri Nouveau, Véra Pagava, Marta Pan, Georges Papazoff, Alicia Penalba, Pablo Picasso, Michel Seuphor, Gino Severini, Léopold Survage, Sophie Tauber-Arp, Léon Tutundjian, Bram Van Velde, Victor Vasarely, Paule Vézelay...

More than 200 works

Chronological itinerary