Between poetry and fiction of reality, discover the life of a woman of a thousand faces, now a worker, then a secretary or a lady of the bourgeoisie.

The exhibition Twenty-four hours in the life of a woman depicts in original form the story of an imaginary and diverse day. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and design objects illustrate a fiction of daily life, from awakening to the dreams of the night. 

In a voluntary narrative form the exhibition speaks of recurring actions from which the unexpected may emerge, with moments such as “The Bath”, “Work”, “Reading” or the “Walk”. “Rest”, “The Encounter”, “Night-time”, or that of “The Party” inspire for their part eccentricities, dreams and strange thoughts.  

The works are presented in a different manner, in a momentum resembling our daily life, reconnecting art to the present. It is a means of recounting another story form of art: a story based on emotion and life. 


Aurélie Voltz
General Director of the MAMC+


Jean-Michel Alberola, André Albert Albertin, Arman, John M Armleder, ART & LANGUAGE, Dominique Auerbacher, Claude Batho, Ben, Honoré-Marius Bérard, Anna Eva Bergman, Michel Bertrand, Vincent Bioulès, Blanc Et Demilly, Christian Boltanski, Pierre Boucher, Georges Braque, Victor Brauner, George Brecht, Yves Bresson, Marcel Broodthaers, Camille Bryen, Jacques-Ernest Bulloz, Michael Buthe, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Philippe Cazal, Paul Charavel, Hannah Collin, Sonia Delaunay, André Derain, Daniel Dezeuze, Erik Dietman, Robert Doisneau, Noël Dolla, Jean Dubuffet, Jean Dunand, Charles et Ray Eames, Walker Evans, Philippe Favier, Robert Filliou, Lucio Fontana, André Fougeron, Lee Friedlander, Furania, Roland Marie Gérardin, Jochen Gerz, Michaël Roger Gibbs, Julio González, Albert Gosselin, Toni Grand, Marcel Gromaire, Francis Gruber, Laurent Guetal, Richard Hamilton, Ben Hansen, Simon Hantaï, Raoul Hausmann, James Irvine, Christian Jaccard, Paul Janin, Ito Josué, Peter Keetman, Krasno, Charles Kvapil, Suzanne Lafont, René Jules Lalique, Le Corbusier, Julio Le Parc, Henri Lebasque, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Fernand Léger, André Lhote, Jan Lukas, Michel Magne, Robert Malaval, Felipe Martinez, Mathieu Matégot, Henri Matisse, Charles Maurin, Matthew Mccaslin, Gustave Miklos, Christian Milovanoff, François Morellet, Maurice Muller, Jean-Luc Mylayne, Gaspard Félix Nadar, Marcello Nizzoli, Richard Nonas, Bernard Pagès, Domenico Paladino, Emilio Pettoruti, Tom Phillips, Pablo Picasso, Jean Prouvé, Éliane Radigue, Bernard Rancillac, Raphaël, Robert Rauschenberg, François-Auguste Ravier, Tony Ray-Jones, René-Jacques, Jean Ribière, Louis-Edouard Rioult, Auguste Rodin, Dieter Roth, Anne Laure Sacriste, Takako Saito, Sarkis, Savinel & Rozé, Jean-Louis Schoellkopf, Jean Seignemartin, Alexandre Séon, SERGE III, Claude Soulary, Daniel Spoerri, Robert Sulpice, Hervé Télémaque, Félix Thiollier, Léon Tutundjian, Gabriel Tyr, Émile Ulm, André Valensi, Claude Viallat, Jacques Villeglé, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, Gil J Wolman

"After one year spent as head of the museum, Twenty-four hours in the life of a woman represents a first appraisal of this immense and exceptional collection. A selection was made from more than 20,000 works acquired between 1833 and 2019, covering several centuries and all disciplines.”
Aurélie Voltz

10 sections

+ than 1000 m2 of exhibition surface

+ than 135 artists

250 works