We live and grow up with objects… From chairs to casserole dishes, computers to glasses, design is part of our everyday life, but we don’t always identify it. Design works are mirrors of society and witnesses of their era, through their forms and materials.

The exhibition showcases design’s ability to act and react to a context by exploring the creation and purpose of design objects.

This exploration of domestic design begins in the region and questions France’s post-war needs, through the reactions and responses of designers. Objects are cultural indicators and reflect our history. They reveal the evolution of our society.

The exhibition starts with a thematic visit evoking the future city, in the wake of World War II, then everyday life. Interiors were filled with objects that facilitate day-to-day life. They were mass-produced by the consumerist society of the Trente Glorieuses. Design latches onto technical innovations. It analyses the evolution of needs and attitudes, in order to satisfy the desires of an evolving society. The exhibition therefore brings design into daily life and analyses the context of the advent of this discipline.

The visit culminates in a space dedicated to the creative process: a laboratory hosted by art schools and students of art, design, and architecture will transform the museum into a site of production and experimentation. Workshops will be organised based on new questions. How has confinement drastically changed social habits? How can we create new spaces for cooperation and collaboration? How do we produce? All kinds of challenges to meet to prepare tomorrow’s world.


Imke Plinta
A German urban-graphic artist, consultant in design, teacher, and curator


Maarten Baas, Jean-Louis Barrault, François Bauchet, Mario Bellini, László Biró, Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec, Andrea Branzi, Marcel Breuer, Philippe Buteau, Antoine Cahen, René-Jean Caillette, F. Chery, Nicolas Cissé, Joe Colombo, Cooked in Marseille, Jonathan De Pas, Donato D’Urbino, Charles and Ray Eames, Boje Estermann, Piero Gatti, Konstantin Grcic, Grupo Austral, Pierre Guariche, Marc Held, René Herbst, Jonathan Ive, Ito Josué, Éric Jourdan, John E. Knox, Friso Kramer, Jules-Émile Leleu, Raymond Loewy, Paolo Lomazzi, Aldo et Adriano Magnelli, Jerry Manock, Enzo Mari, Henry Massonnet, Ingo Maurer, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, Jasper Morrison, Michel Mortier, Serge Mouille, Marc Newson, Marcello Nizzoli, Terry Oyama, Cesare Paolini, Jean Parthenay, Pierre Paulin, Gio Ponti, Jean Prouvé, Dieter Rams, Gilles Rozé, Richard Sapper, Yves Savinel, Jean-Louis Schoellkopf, Ettore Sottsass, Mart Stam, Philippe Starck, Clifford Brook Stevens, Robert Sulpice, Roger Tallon, Franco Teodoro, Michael Thonet, Earl Silas Tupper, Reinhold Weiss, Jean Widmer, André Wogenscky...


Déja-vu. Le design dans notre quotidien.
Texts by Gaël Perdriau, Imke Plinta, Débora Bertol, Giulia Zappa, Catherine Geel, Pierre Léonforte and Christelle Faure. With Beaux Arts Éditions. 42 pages. ISBN 9791020406538. Price: 9 euros.