Take part in a journey imbued with the atmosphere of a detective novel for this first solo exhibition at the MAMC+ of Maxime Duveau. The artist is inspired by American arts and the cities he visited, such as San Francisco or Los Angeles. 

Cities hemmed in with motifs and shades of black and white cohabit with a statue of Johnny Ramone (guitarist of the American punk rock group, the Ramones, who ended his days in Los Angeles) or Jefferson Airplane (American rock group from San Francisco). Maxime Duveau’s artistic techniques are numerous and varied. He uses charcoal to a large extent but also India ink stamps or silk-printing. He associates this very particular and recognizable style with reflections on photography and recourse to writing, as in Cosmique, the book published for the exhibition. 

These big cities are reinterpreted in silk-screen prints and drawings, like a trip between reality and fiction. Cosmique is a mystery which may perhaps recall something to you. A childhood game? A detective story? A counter-culture activist? Roam amongst the works and discover a game of investigation being created between the large and small format drawings. The artist has released a book especially for the exhibition, available at the museum shop !

Maxime Duveau is invited as winner of the 8th edition of the Partner’s Prize. The Museum awards this prize each year to a young artist, thanks to the support of its sponsors. 


Martine Dancer-Mourès
Chief Heritage Curator
Deputy to the Director
In charge of the 30th anniversary programme of the MAMC+  

Acquisition of 3 works

MAMC+ collection, with the support of the Partner’s Club
< Maxime Duveau, Floral Statue Garden/SF Charmed House S, 2018, silk screen printing on paper, 205 cm x 135 cm

At the bookshop

Maxime Duveau uses experimentation, manipulations of images but also of words. 
With non-existent pagination and deliberately loose leaves, the novel which accompanies the exhibition answers to the same logic: putting up smoke screens, offering no chance for any unequivocal reading.

"When we reached the car I sent off Brook to gather some information from the jazz clubs and his underground network. News of murders/black markets/robberies/ any bigshots involved… anything he might find which could be linked somehow or other to our investigation."
Maxime Duveau, extract from the novel " Cosmique", available at the bookshop