• Over the last 35 years, the air treatment systems have maintained the atmosphere in the building to ensure the artworks are properly preserved.
  • Over the last 35 years, the walls and exhibition panels have been painted, drilled into, caulked, and repainted hundreds of times to put almost 400 exhibitions on display for the public.
  • Over the last 35 years, over two million visitors have paced the floors of the 3000m² of exhibition rooms.

The first step to creating the MAMC+ of the future: renovating or replacing the floors, hanging systems and air treatment systems of this building which was signed off by Didier Guichard.


While within the walls of the museum, workers are busy making the exhibition halls like new, the MAMC+ team is bringing its artworks to life beyond its walls. A travelling programme of activities is open to everyone who would usually visit the museum: schoolchildren, students, senior citizens, hospital patients… Each activity serves to animate the artworks in the collection, and the aim is to run the programme across all 53 communes in the Saint-Étienne metropolitan area.

Visitors can also come and see the Museum at the Cité du design, in the Platine building. This temporary installation allows the MAMC+ to maintain its artistic and cultural programmes and continue to make the collections available while renovation work is being carried out.

Discover the Histoires d'intérieurs exhibition at the Cité du design from 28 June to 31 December 2023


The Museum is due to reopen in autumn 2024, when visitors will benefit from improved circulation due to a new exhibition room layout, and will also rediscover a work of art, long hidden from public view, created by a certain Jean-Pierre Raynaud...