Discover an exhibition which is both refined and sensitive. Over five rooms of the museum, Gyan Panchal displays the gradual progression of his artistic practices through some thirty sculptures.

Gyan Panchal leads the visitor in a meander through a succession of atmospheres. The artist probes and reveals the rapport between man and materials which are essentially very impersonal. 

The first rooms are cluttered with massive volumes, vibrating under harsh bright lights. The artist is questioning synthetic materials: pieces and slices of polypropylene or polyurethane are displayed on the floor or hung on the walls.  As the exhibition progresses materials are replaced by objects found in rural surrounds: fragmented, washed or tinted … they are almost unrecognisable once transformed into sculptures.  The visitor then enters a vast room with sculptures set out in a random manner. Cracked hulls of kayaks or a fishing rod are set alongside transformed objects from the agricultural sector (silos, muck-spreading overalls …). And finally, little by little, colour emerges in the last room like a ray of sunshine.

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Aurélie Voltz

Aurélie Voltz
General Director of the MAMC+


Gyan Panchal, Au seuil de soi
Texts by Anthony Huberman, Aurélie Voltz and Marjorie Micucci. Bilingual french-english. Éditions Snoeck. ISBN 9789461614919. Price: 28 euros.

"Objects as intermediaries between man and his environment, his rapport with nature.”
Extract from"Gyan Panchal - l'atelier A" , Arte.

+ 30 sculptures

Works from 2009 to today

5 rooms... 5 atmospheres

Synthetic and industrial materials