To begin with I admired the talent of the painter: for example his choice of colours, his way of drawing the facial features of the young woman, the folds of her clothes, but also the teapot and tea cup… Everything seemed so real.

Then I began to look further. I felt a certain sympathy for this woman. It was as if she was inviting me to her table, as would a friend. The painter has endowed her with a look enveloped by a kind of warmth. A warmth which invites the spectator to stay and contemplate and admire her every dimension.

It’s what happened the first time I saw the painting. I remained there for several minutes, just looking at her. 

The term “love at first sight” assumes all its meaning. It happened like that, without warning, in the corridor, grabbing your heart strings. 

Come and admire as well the exhibition, Twenty-four hours in the life of a woman, and experience a gamut of emotions. And perhaps you too will fall under the charm...

Stella Mezaber, 14 year old schoolgirl and a keen visitor to the MAMC+