Conserve, display, and transmit, the key words of the MAMC+. The Museum holds the label “Museum of France”. With this designation the Museum is committed to cosseting its collection by preserving it in the very best of condition for a transmission to future generations. It ensures its maintenance (dust removal), restoration (repairing) but also its enrichment (through the acquisition of new works) and its documentation. All our different types of public discover the collection through regularly renewed thematic exhibitions. They stand alongside and resonate with exhibitions by contemporary artists. The programming of events incites discovery, with the Museum contributing to a democratisation of art and its access to all.


Nearly 70 people are working daily at the Museum. You really only know the tip of the iceberg: the people you meet during your visit: the helpful reception staff, the scrupulous wardens, the impassioned mediators and the attentive staff at the Museum shop. Behind the scenes the exhibition designers and installers are at work, the persons in charge of managing the collections and organising their loans throughout the world, without forgetting the department in charge of documentation. The technical teams ensure the proper functioning of the entire building. The public visitors department is dedicated to the service of all our visitors to ensure the comfort of all. The administrative department manages the communication, informing you of all that is happening at the Museum.  With everything under the guidance of a young and dynamic management, personified by our General Director, Aurélie Voltz. 

A whole little world concerned by the quality of your visitor’s experience!


The passion for contemporary art does not stop at the doors of the MAMC+. The Association of the Friends of the Musée d’art moderne et contemporain has been a devoted companion since 1987. Its 400 members are committed to the promotion of the Museum and its collections through different types of action: conferences, acquisitions or donations of works. Finally the Partners Club which has been contributing to the reputation and notoriety of the Museum since 2006. The dynamic enterprises which make up the club have a heartfelt aim to support young creation. Each year the Partners Prize is awarded to an emerging artist and the Club’s acquisitions contribute to the graphic art collection of the Museum. 

A big thanks to all our precious ambassadors!

The museum is a “permanent collection composed of assets the conservation and presentation of which have a public interest and which is organised for the knowledge, education and pleasure of the public”.
Article L410-1 of book IV of the Heritage Code
+ 70 persons AT THE service OF art

Conserve, DISPLAY, transmit